The main community services performed by DRC include:

  • – Construction of safe drinking water in 2 kebeles
  • – Water source development in one kebele
  • – Construction of communal latrine in 3 urban kebeles
  • – Support for schools with 3 seats of 50 chairs, musical instruments, balls, 7.5 quintals of cement, computers, etc.
  • – Winter clothing, medical, nutritional, and hygiene support were provided to 1,500 infants also provided on a monthly basis
  • – Malaria prevention bed nets were provided for households in two lowland kebeles
  • – Patients with respiratory problems and those who have been diagnosed with TB were treated and medications were provided
  • – Professional counseling services were provided for PWD
  • – Patients with urinary incontinence and fistula were identified and treated at the UoG Specialized Hospital.
  • – Medicines were provided to Anemic pregnant women and infants and pregnant women with vision problems were provided with eye drops
  • – Awareness raising and education discussions were held at various times on the prevention and control of major health problems for the community

DRC community services in pictures

DRC Data Sharing Policy

DRC Data Sharing Policy